VIDEO: Why HALO is the right decision

I applaud the FIA for releasing this video that explains the thought process, research and details of their HALO device decision. If you listened to our podcast where Grace and I discuss the fan’s need for research data, process and risk assessment in order to understand the scope and reason for deploying the device regardless of its aesthetic impact on the current Formula 1 car.  

I did find the risk assessment interesting that all conclusions were net positive in aggregate and there were no negative impact found in their research. It seems to me that all solutions will carry some negative impact and perhaps HALO would but in the specific cases they applied the HALO, perhaps it didn’t reveal the possible negative impacts in those situations. 

Is this a case of not knowing what any potential negative impacts could be and not finding out until such a situation is presented when we have the HALO device fitted? No one can account for every imaginable scenario but I’m curious if some more basic scenarios were simply not considered as they were deemed non-HALO specific?

Regardless, this is the type of information they should have been released with the actual statement in order to avoid the deluge of negative impressions. It helped me understand their logic, for sure, but the bigger question is for you…did this re-affirm your commitment to HALO as the right solution or change your mind in disliking the HALO and feeling it is now the right solution? IF it didn’t change your mind, what specifically do you feel the research may have missed to justify the device in 2018?

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Daniel Sebergsen

I understand the element of safety. But the larger picture is whether formula one is to be a open wheel class or it should be a closed cockpit class. What about other junior classes? Are they fitting halo to them? I assume that the risk is equally high in the lower levels of open wheel series.

Salvu Borg

HALO is the results of “US” wanting open cockpits.
Furmula 2-3 and 4 will follow suit.


It’s for the children.

Daniel Johnson

I really think in a few years they’ll close the cockpit and we can start to look back at the Halo like we do the phallic noses of a few years ago.


I’m glad to see that you picked up on the link, Todd. I hope the FIB community will take the time to watch and consider the video to inform yourselves before commenting further on the ‘abonimation of the halo device’. It confirms a whole lot of things that posters have said the FIA should have done. They’ve tested the halo and other systems for actual accident and potential scenarios in a research programme over a number of years (since2011). They’ve considered impacts with other cars, the track barriers, large and small loose objects, it improves driver safety for all of… Read more »