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Welcome to The Parc Fermé. To quote Big Chris in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels…”It’s been emotional”.

It’s here…or at least close enough to go live. I still have details to work out and I am sure some of you may find a few issues that could use my attention as well. Still working on re-branding the podcast and creating all the logos, social media account conversions, analytics, RSS feeds and much more but I reckon it is close enough to open up to the community. Best way to find glitches is let folks trod all over it and find hiccups.

The site isn’t too much different than the old one so hopefully I wasn’t setting huge expectations for dancing ponies, bicycle-riding bears and a unicorn named “Paul”. I did try to clean it up a bit and make it a little more readable. So what are the changes? well, for those of you who care, let me make a few notes for you:


The change from Formula1blog to The Parc Fermé has been an arduous task. There are still niggles such as the migration tool for the Disqus comment system that we used not working properly meaning that not all of the comments on posts transferred. Had to actually send them a message asking why…no response. I don’t have time to wait for the folks at Discqus to get around to answering me so I went with an all-new comment system and paid $100+ for add-on’s for it so lets hope it is better and works well. It’s called WPDiscuz.


The Forum didn’t survive either and maybe, given the lack of software development and anti-spam features, that’s a good thing. I’ve added the most-used Forum software to start afresh and it is embedded in the website to take advantage of the spam properties and user registration. If you haven’t registered, you may need to in order to participate in the Forums.


I’m still trudging through all of the Google Analytics accounts, properties, Adsense codes and site metrics and while I can’t say that I am 100% sure our site traffic is accurately being tracked, there is a side of me that says that can be worked out over time.


We’ve taken a holiday hiatus on the show and also knowing that we have to change the intro’s, outro’s and more, it seemed like a good time to take a break. The good news is that we will still have our Race Review shows, the off-weekend shows and Paul and I are planning an all-new show that I think you may really like. I’ll leave it a bit of a mystery for now but we’re excited about it for sure and we hope you will be too.

New Features

We have also been talking about video and while broadcasting our podcasts live so some folks can see two heads talking doesn’t appeal to us much, we do think we have an idea that may be more interactive with you so stay tuned for that in 2018. We hope we can find the time to make this happen as well as a new podcast series. Cross your fingers, they will take time and that’s something none of us has much of these days.

During our discussions, we thought that offering new features was a good idea and way of engaging you even more. Stay tuned because we may be asking you to help us out. Help us build our own community with us.

Moving On

We are changing. Whether politely asked to or not, we are changing and I think it is a good time to do so and for that reasons, we can actually thank Formula 1 for poking us in this direction.

The fact is, 13 years ago I said I had two choices, make some sort of F1 news site to sell or build a community. I chose the latter and I wish I could say that was because I was smart but in the end, it was a gut feeling.

I wasn’t prepared for what was going to happen and it is all because of you that we have built a fabulous community. A massive community that, quite honestly, I had no idea was this big. I honestly didn’t. It wasn’t until we announced the F1 C&D letter and need to change that we realized just how massive our community is…and global!

Because of that, it is our sole focus with our new change. YOU! You are the sole reason we’re going to keep going and move onward and upward. Everything we do will be focused on community. Engaging you, chatting with you and being the friends we have all become. Newcomers can join that or they can find another home. Choice is theirs. Decorum & Civility is the rule and a collegial community is everything. Anything short of that gets shown the door.

The F1 Fan Underground Community

We didn’t set out to become the F1 fan underground community but that’s what we’ve become and we are excited to continue building the F1 fan speakeasy as it were. The drivers and teams have a community in F1 as do the sponsors and journalists, track owners and paddock club. Now, the new and veteran F1 fans who respect each other and respect civil discussion have a community too. It’s here…at The Parc Fermé. Now let’s have a beer together and discuss Formula 1, shall we? You bought the second round with your Patreon support and now we’ve got the third round my friends, it’s called The Parc Fermé.

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sunny stivala

Have been counting the minutes and waiting for this new start.


It feels good to be back :-) You’ve done a herculean task, no doubt. And as you say, whether politely asked or not, sometimes change is a good thing. And I’ll wait patiently for the unicorn named “Paul” :-)


Awesome job NC, love the new name (always had my vote) can’t wait to get up and running with TPF and F1 2018!

Mike Steck (@profpalm)

AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!! Homecoming baby!


Well done and congratulations, a monumental task! Sending best wishes from Australia (Actually I am in South Kore at the moment – and yes I am trying to get to the Korea International Circuit!).

Much love!


Todd, thanks for all your hard work over the festive period. It appears seemless from this end.


I appreciate your work very much! Keep on doing what you do so well.


I’m very happy you decided to keep going with this labour of love.
I mostly enjoy the podcast. I have my podcast app set on download new episodes automatically, so when you had to repost them, I had over 200 “new” podcasts to listen to. I didn’t mind deleting them one at a time knowing what you had to go through. That’s one of the hiccups.
Thank you for Formula1blog.com, I’ve really loved it.
I’m looking forward to what the Parc ferme will bring.


Glad to see things are up and running Todd! Can’t wait to see what is to come!

Tom Firth

It’s good to be back :-)

David Barker

Todd, this is a wonderful way to begin the New Year! Thanks for your effort and dedication.


Welcome back from the brink! The site is still listed as “formula1blog” in my bookmarks and that’s not changing.

Ian Pratt

Thank you.


Welcome back to the land of the living. :-D

glenn webster

Looking sharp! I honestly expected it take you much longer get up an running so was pleasantly surprised to see the site up so soon. I can’t imagine the endless hours it’s taken to get this far. Congrats, well done and thanks to you Todd and everyone at tpf for keeping us fans and followers so involved in the process!


Awesomeness… looking good!


Well done and thank you. Common sense prevails .


Merry Christmas Todd and the Cambers.
It looks like you’ve been ridiculously busy making the changes to rebrand the website, and all of the other aspects of the (Former) FBC infrastructure.
l’m looking forward to the first podcast – will that be #555, or TPF #1???

All the best to you and all of The Parc Ferme community,
Happy New Year!!!


Awesome job, love the new title, looking forward to a familiar ambiance in this new speakeasy!

Robert Dompe

Wishing you well for the New Year with your new site!

John The Race Fan (@JohnTheRaceFan)

From the ashes, it shall be reborn anew….

Thanks for all your hard work Todd!


Thanks for the great work team!


Who did you get to model the silhouette’s Todd?
Or is that really Grace, Paul and you???

Reed F

These characters bear a striking resemblance to the recently defunct online Architexts comic strip (www.architexts.us). Don’t know if they are copyrighted, but Todd is an expert at IP law by now, so I’m sure there’s not going to be an issue. Although not racing related, my architect friends and fellow engineers always thought that comic was completely on the money and quite a hoot. Dilbert for A/Es, sort of. Didn’t F1B have a couple of comics over the years, and what ever happened to them? What TheParcFerme needs is a new comic strip to lampoon all the silliness Liberty Media… Read more »

johnpierre rivera

Hey Todd

A new pair of tire for the same awesome car…… Can’t wait for 2018…..

Qarbon Qampus

The site is looking really good and congratulations on all of the hard work. I really like the website name for a group discussing Formula 1 issues.


Late response. A Herculean task indeed and all over the supposed holiday period! You deserve a break so hope you do get some time off. I think we’ll survive without a podcast for a few weeks and if it has to be a bit longer, so be it.

Really look forward to what TPF will bring for 2018.

Congrats and thanks again for such a great effort.


Todd and crew,
I found your podcast/website at least 4 years ago now and have been listening ever since. After searching for an American’s take on F1, this site was just what I was looking for and I’m glad that you all have worked to put it together and keep it running. After holidays I’m only catching up now so just found out the news but glad the switch hasn’t been too painful and love the name choice. Good luck!


2 January 2018 19:21 (CET)
Glad I’ve find you. Nice touch with new web-page design. I am also hoping your pen stays sharp and fair in the New Year, as we have been accustomed.
Looking forward to your interpretation of forthcoming races, and F1 life inside and outside of paddock.


Hi NC and team. I’ve listened to your podcasts for years and I’m a first time poster but felt compelled to thank you for choosing to continue your blog in its new guise. Thank you so much for the time and effort that you all put in – it’s exactly what F1 should embrace instead of deter as they did with their C&D.

Keep up the good work!


Dilly Dilly! Nice transition Todd!


Welcome back guys! All of us from Down Under are happy to see you back on the virtual airways.

I suggest we all google search “The Parc Ferme” and go to the website from there. It may not be much, but it may drive the google analytic data in the right direction to take this website / podcast / forums back in the direction they deserve to be.

Negative Camber

You’re too kind! Welcome back, Great Southern Land!