Williams: Maldonado out, Massa in

According to the fine folks at AUTOSPORT, Williams F1 driver Pastor Maldonado is set to leave the team and take his PDVSA oil money with him. According to “high level sources”, the Venezuelan will be leaving the team making room for the Ferrari-jettisoned Felipe Massa—which shocks me to no end—and some suggest that Lotus, Sauber or Force India may be the likely landing spot for the high-flying Pastor to light.

PDVSA has been engaged with Williams with a $20m contract but apparently they will pay a get-out-of-jail fee to take their marbles and chalk elsewhere as Maldonado feels the Williams car is the only thing holding him back from world domination.

As for Massa, AUTOSPORT says that there is significant Brazilian backing but I’ve no idea what that backing is or where its coming from. It’s the first I’ve heard of Massa paying bringing big sponsor dollars to secure a seat. Not saying it isn’t true, it’s just the first I’ve heard of it.

Lotus F1, for their pat, are trying to get a signature on a deal with Quantum Motorsports in order to enjoy some much-needed investment cash. If they do so, PDVSA money may not be as crucial as it would otherwise be. If Quantum were to sign on, perhaps Hulkenberg may find his way into the team.

What to do you think? Where will Maldonado go and is it just the car that’s preventing Pastor from dominating Formula 1? I suggest there are some driving boxes that need ticking before we throw Williams F1 to the wolves over their poor performing car in 2013.

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