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Running a website about Formula 1 is a daunting task and luckily has a staff of passionate people that contribute to the site and make the workload a little more bearable. Working with a staff of F1 anoraks is terrific but we also like to work with companies that share our passion for motor sport.

The Partner is excited to be working with Lapizta Watches in November to help us bring you some great content from the USGP and beyond. We, like most F1 fans, love our timepieces and were very keen to see what Lapizta had on offer.

We reached out to Lapizta, which is a play on the Spanish word “la pista”, or the racetrack, to see if they would be interested in sharing their watch line with F1B readers and working with us for the month of November, including the Austin Grand Prix and beyond, as a strategic partner of ours. We reckoned the month of November is more than just mustaches and football and we thought it was time to celebrate the return of F1 to the U.S. with a watch company from the U.S.

As fate would have it, the two cousins who started Lapizta shared our passion for motor sport and agreed to team with F1B. In fact, the Lapizta ambassador is GT Sprint Championship winner Steven Goldstein so supporting F1B was certainly within their wheelhouse as motorsport anoraks.

We all love nice watches but as I explained to Lapizta, we need an affordable watch that represents motorsport fans—an official timepiece of motorsport fans. Most watch companies sponsor drivers or teams and there’s nothing wrong with that but we liked the idea of a watch company sponsoring the fan and that’s exactly what Lapizta is doing with F1B.

F1B is the Journal of Motorsport Opinion and fan driven so we wanted to team with a watch company that was fan-facing and willing to offer an added value to our readers and listeners. Lapizta has responded just as we had hoped they would.

All F1B readers and listeners will receive an additional 15% off their Lapizta watch purchase by following the link in their ad on or by simply clicking here. You get 15% off just for being an F1B fan!

So what do the watches look like? How are they made? What do they feel like on your wrist? Well I’ll tell you:

Lapizta have 8 series in their line. They are substantial watches with prominent size and definition. Some feature brake disc bezels or carbon fiber dials and some even have a tire tread strap.

The Watches

The Addax is a nod to the sportscar genre with a splash of 5 different colors nestled in the band and on the face. It’s a slightly lower profile watch at 48mm and three layers of carbon fiber make this a must for any racing fan.

LApizta Addax 1Lapizta Addax 2


The Izurus is a terrific 48mm diving watch and boasts a reinforced mineral crystal with sapphire coating. It uses high-grade 316L steel for the case and is water resistant up to 30 ATM (900ft in old money).

Lapizta Izurus 1Lapizta Izurus 2

The Oryx is a wonderful homage to motorsport with a brake disc bezel and intricate face detail at 48mm. Its layered checkered pattern face is a really nice touch and a great looking watch when worn.

Lapizta Oryx 2Lapizta Oryx 1

The watches are designed with a very reliable Miyota movement that’s used in many of the premier watch lines you’ve heard of for some of their quartz models. They feel nice and substantial, as a large format watch should.

The concept of arranging watch parts in an attractive design is nothing new. We’ve crowed about some of them on our website before but the key is baseline components that are established, top quality pieces coupled with a design that appeals to certain customers.

What we like about Lapizta is the design and use of well-known, high quality components. We like their passion and nod to motorsport that goes beyond hints to an era. Tire tread silicon rubber straps, brake disc bezels and motorcycle framed hands all make these a different breed of cat.

Win This Watch

Lapizta Oryx Watch 600

Stay tuned to on Twitter @formula1blog and keep monitoring #F1B to see details about our intimate Tweetup in Austin. We will be joining our friends Tim and Vance at Friends of Formula 1 Austin Texas as well as the Fake Charlie Whiting and F1B’s Senior Editor and Simraceway’s own Paul Charsley.

You will have a chance to win a Lapizta Oryx watch valued at $795.00! In order to win, you have to attend the tweetup on Saturday night in order to enter the contest.

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