Thursday, January 28, 2021
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3 Million podcast downloads and counting

Back in 2005 I got tired of the trolls and lack of decorum and civility at most Formula 1 forums and websites so I...

A chance to support us; you got the next round?

Running a website takes a lot of time. I've never added all that time up but suffice it to say that it's been 40...

Fastest car in F1 history?

Mercedes Director of Engineering, Aldo Costa, discusses the changes for the 2017 season and what performance gains they are hoping to achieve with the...

Review: The Grand Tour makes debut; Top what?

Regardless of your opinion on Top Gear, the Clarkson era, I was a huge fan. Perhaps, for me, it is the chemistry between the...

500 podcasts later, here’s what people say about us

I can’t thank all of you enough for responding to our request to let us know why you listen to and read There...

Felipe Massa takes Alice Dellal for a spin before his last GP

Felipe Massa is set to participate in his last Formula 1 grand prix in Brazil this weekend. It will put a bookend on a...

The History of the Pit Stop

You may be old school in your view to Formula 1 pit stops. Maybe you preferred the refueling or the spinner wheel nuts or...

Coulthard and Häkkinen: Teammates…rivals

When you think about rivals in Formula 1, there are many that come to mind and even within teams, the rivalries of Prost and...

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